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Revealing Insights to optimize your fishing operations

Save time and fuel when operating your fishing vessel. The SeaStar Fisheries Information Service combines oceanographic and meteorological datasets, asset tracking data, and information that is required by fishermen to monitor and analyze ocean conditions, vessels, and fishing gear. This service is used by fishermen (rather than Maritime monitoring agencies). Our services are used successfully by fisherman to minimize search time and reduce fleet operation costs. SeaStar oceanographic products are processed daily and delivered directly to your vessel at sea for viewing on the ship’s personal computer. Combined with local fishing knowledge, captains use the SeaStar maps to navigate directly to the closest and potentially most productive fishing areas. To maximize the use of the information, Maxar provides product training and technical support.

The SeaStar Advantage
Maxar creates SeaStar fish finding maps from several ocean observing satellite systems and other scientific marine sources.
SeaStar map products include:

  • Plankton concentrations
  • Sea surface temperatures
  • Sea surface currents°
  • Sub-surface temperatures and subsurface currents
  • Thermocline depth
  • Sea surface height anomalies (altimetry)
  • Ocean salinity
  • Comprehensive marine weather and forecasts
  • Bathymetry
  • Dynamic Currents
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Primary Productivity
  • NEW: 3 day forecasts for Fish Finding Maps!!

Display and interpret the ocean and weather condition with InsightExplorer software, including:

  • SevenCs nautical charts™ with navigation tools
  • Fish catch reporting associated with oceanographic data
  • MasterCast™ fishing ground analysis tool
  • Oceanographic analysis and recommendations
  • Satellite AIS data fully integrated (live updates available as an add-on)




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