We look forward to welcoming you at DanFish International 2023 in Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center. Exhibition no. 28 - expecting up to 10,000 visitors.

The website has been given a brush up, and now appears even more user-friendly and easy to access for exhibitors as well as visitors.

Until the exhibition, you will continuously receive info emails to guide you and prepare your participation.

All info emails will subsequently be available on the website, so that a given piece of information can easily be found again.

On the website under ’For exhibitors’ you will find relevant contact persons and links to the points described below.
→ See more For exhibitors – DanFish International

Overview of important, practical information

1. ExhibitorPresentation

All exhibitors are presented in a consolidated list, and you have to set up your own ExhibitorPresentation by creating a user profile*.

You can then create:
– contact details *
– product presentations *
– stand activities *
– book a meeting * (enables visitors to book meetings with your company at the exhibition)

You can add your own personal touch to the presentation of your company by uploading descriptive texts and short video clips. If your company is already registered, you can continuously update/edit your presentation.

→ See list of exhibitors Exhibitors – DanFish International

It is important that all sub-exhibitors create an ExhibitorPresentation as well.
So we would ask that you – as the contract holder – to pass on this information.

*We realize that this may sound more complicated than it actually is. To help you on your way, we have created a set of short video instructions for all features.

Deadline: As soon as possible. This is your ’sales window’ to the visitors prior to the exhibition

2. Orders for your stand

Ordering technical services, inventory, AV equipment, print etc.
Supplier: Compass Fairs AS*

Deadline: 11 September

3. Freight forwarding

Forwarding of goods.
Supplier: Blue Water Shipping A/S*

Deadline: 11 September

4. Catering

Restaurant AKKC by MEST* manages all catering at the exhibition.
Lunch tickets can be ordered as well as catering with day-to-day delivery.

Supplier: Restaurant AKKC by MEST*

Deadline: 10 October

5. Exhibitor name badges

Exhibitor name badges are for the staff who will be manning the stand during the exhibition.
Exhibitor name badges during stand assembling and stand dismantling are not required.

Fill in the form and print the registration or bring it on your mobile. Exhibitor name badges can be printed at the venue from Sunday 8 October by scanning the QR code on the registration


Deadline: None

6. Invitations

You can invite up to 50 customers with a 3-day ticket for free.

After that, used 3-day tickets are invoiced with DKK 50pc.

Your customer must fill in the form and print the registration or bring it on their mobile. Name tags are printed on arrival by scanning the QR code on the registration.

All you must do is to send the link below as well as an invitation code to the customers you want to invite to visit the exhibition.
Your invitation code is your stand number, e.g. for stand A126, please enter A126 as invitation code.

Remember to inform this to the customer when sending the invitation and link.

Danfish 2023 – Fagmesseregistrering – BilletExpressen | Visitor – Invitation

7. Lead Generator

We would like to draw your attention to this offer from our registration partner. With the Lead Generator app, you can register your leads digitally and target your sales efforts after the exhibition. You get all leads collected digitally and get much better control over the subsequent sales process and thus higher revenue.

Supplier: BilletExpressen*

Deadline: None

8. Advertising

Fiskeri Tidende publishes the official Fair Guide covering all exhibitors and products. In addition to advertising in the Fair Guide, they also offer advertising in The Danfish Daily, which releases on each day of the exhibition.

Supplier: Fiskeri Tidende*

Deadline: 11 September

9. Hotel

Accommodation can either be booked directly at one of Aalborg’s many hotels, or via our partner Destination Nord.

Deadline: First-come, first- served

*NOTE: You may be contacted by our subcontractors prior to the exhibition.

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