Welcome as an exhibitor at DanFish International

On this page you can find answers to most questions regarding your upcoming participation as an exhibitor at DanFish International.

Under Information it is possible to place orders for your stand, order freight forwarding, order advertising in our official media and book a hotel.
We have also included some deadlines that are important to meet, a general schedule for the fair and information on relevant contact persons.
Note: You may be contacted by our subcontractors.

Under Practical information, we have gathered a range of information that answers most questions related to your presence at the exhibition.



Tuesday, September 12th

  • Stand bookings (30% surcharge thereafter)
  • Freight – ordering freight forwarding (Blue Water)
  • Heavy goods in hall H:
    There is a maximum load of 350 kg per m2 in hall H (mobile hall). It will be possible to order additional floor support if notified before the deadline.
  • Marketing – submission of finished ad for GUIDE and DanFish Daily (Fiskeri Tidende) (Fiskeri Tidende)

Tuesday, October 10 at 09:30

  • Catering – order for the stand (AKKC Restaurant)
  • For replenishment to the stand – before 09.30 am on the day of the fair
Bookings and orders

Here you can order everything you need for your participation at DanFish International.

The links below will direct you to the supplier that provides the services in question:

Stand construction
Carpet, electrical, plumbing, supplementary stand construction, furniture, AV equipment and printing
(Compass Fairs AS)

Catering for the stand
(Restaurant AKKC by MEST)

Freight forwarding(Blue Water Shipping A/S)

Access card
Exhibitor name badges
(send this link to the customer to be invited)

(see also infomail no. 1)
Lead Generator
(Ticket Express)

Advertising in trade show GUIDE and DanFish Daily
(Fiskeri Tidende)

Hotel / accommodation
(Destination North)


Sunday 8/10 08-20
Monday 9/10 08-21

Trade show opening hours
Tuesday, 10 October, 10–17
Wednesday, 11 October, 10–17
Thursday, 12 October, 10-16

Thursday 12/10, 16-21
Friday 13/10 08-21

Opening hours in the organizer office (Hall D)
Monday 11/10 08-20
Tuesday 12/10 08-21
Wednesday 13/10 08-18
Thursday 14/10 08-18
Friday 15/10 08-21

VIP guests

As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to nominate a leading buyer to become a physical VIP guest at DanFish International on particularly favorable terms.

Read more about it here

Warning against scammers

Our – and other trade fair organizers’ – exhibitors are regularly bothered by inquiries from companies/publishers with addresses in Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Mexico.
Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Mexico, offering inclusion and/or advertising in their “trade fair guides” on the Internet and/or the opportunity to purchase access to a list of trade fair visitors.

AKKC distances itself from these companies/publishers, as they give the impression in their material that they have a close collaboration with us (and other trade fair organizers).
This is not correct.

AKKC has at no time entered into agreements with these companies/publishers and has never provided them with exhibitors’ names, addresses, etc.
They may have obtained the names from the lists of exhibitors that can be found on the fair’s website.
However, these lists generally only contain the exhibitors’ general contact information – not direct contact persons etc.

The companies/publishers in question also have extremely complex content, where the prices for the services (recordings) they offer are well hidden and extremely non-transparent.
As a result, many of our exhibitors have simply signed the contract without really knowing what they are committing to pay.
We have examples of exhibitors who have committed to paying more than DKK 20,000 over three years for an insignificant and probably worthless listing.

On several occasions, we have been contacted by exhibitors who have signed a contract and subsequently received an invoice.
We have advised them to simply throw away the invoice and subsequent reminders.
We hear from the exhibitors involved that they receive a reminder letter about once a quarter and this can go on for years.
We have never heard that the publishers have contacted the exhibitor in person to collect the unpaid invoice.
Probably because publishers are operating on the edge of good marketing practice.

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center distances itself from the companies/publishers described and their methods – beware!


Questions about technical orders
Pia Germann, +45 9935 5514,
Technical Sales Manager | AKKC

Ordering – all technical services for the stand:
Carpet, electrical, plumbing, supplemental construction, furniture, AV equipment and printing

Compass Fairs, +45 2830 6701,

Freight (Blue Water Shipping A/S)
Lars Kristiansen, +45 7913 4187,
Anders Brunbjerg, +45 7913 4065,

Stefan Klausholm Petersen,+45 5190 5554,

Else Herfort, +45 9935 5518,
Head of Sales & Expos | AKKC

Press and Social Media
Anne Kirstine Roed, +45 9935 5572,
Social Media & Communications Manager | AKKC

Stand sales
Lasse Holsteen Jessen, +45 9935 5509,
Sales Manager | AKKC

Advertising in trade show GUIDE and DanFish Daily
Torben Lehmann, +45 7610 9663,
Advertising consultant | Fiskeri Tidende

Hotel/accommodation booking
Henriette Bugge Mortensen, +45 9931 7521,
Project Manager | Destination Nord

The Danish Joint Stand (Hall H)
Martin Winkel Lilleøre, +45 6020 8557,
Head of Fish Tech | Danish Export Association

Practical information

The following practical information will answer most questions related to your presence at the exhibition.


Waste sorting

Exhibitors must sort and place waste in the designated containers and sorting areas.

Feel free to ask our service staff where to place waste.

Waste must not be left on the stand or in the aisles.

As part of AKKC’s sustainability policy, we sort waste so that it can be reused or recycled.

Activities on the stand

Distribution of flyers/brochures and stand activities in general must take place on the stand or in the aisle area immediately adjacent to the stand.

Sound and image or other AV equipment on the stand must be placed at least 1 meter from neighboring stands or aisles and the noise level must not exceed 70 db (A) measured 1 meter from the stand.

Smoke installations and the like that may be a nuisance to other exhibitors and visitors are not permitted.

Fire safety

Beredskabscenter Aalborg is the trade fair’s highest authority when it comes to fire safety requirements. Emergency responders will be present on all opening days of the fair. Instructions from the emergency responders present must be followed in all respects.

Storage: Space behind the stand must not be used for storage of any kind.

Open flames: In general, no candles, candles or other open flames are allowed in the exhibition facilities. (Permission cannot be applied for here).

Fuel: The fuel content in the fuel tanks of vehicles must not exceed what is necessary for entering and exiting the hall. During the trade fair period, the vehicle’s power supply must be disconnected at the vehicle’s battery. Special rules apply to electric cars.

Gas – cylinders and grills: Must be approved in writing by the Emergency Management Center Aalborg. This approval is communicated via the organizer. Contact Pia Germann, AKKC, +45 9935 5514 /

NOTE: You can only apply for permission to use a gas grill in Hall A (Aalborghallen), Hall C (Aalborghallen foyer) and Hall E (Europahallen).

Refreshments on the stand

Serving, serving and tastings – guidelines
Restaurant AKKC by MEST is responsible for serving and selling food and beverages in AKKC, and as an exhibitor you are therefore not allowed to sell food and beverages for consumption at the fair from your stand. However, food and beverages may be sold from the stand if the company has as an essential part of its purpose to sell food and beverages.
If you want to hand out snacks to visitors at the stand, Restaurant AKKC by MEST offers a wide range of snacks and drinks that can be ordered in advance of the event – see the link for catering under the ‘Orders’ tab.
If the selection doesn’t quite meet your needs, they are happy to help you with other requests and ideas.
Please contact Restaurant AKKC by MEST, 9935 5590,

Catering for stand staff:
It is permitted to bring catering for employees working on the stand.

Samples or similar for visitors:
It is allowed to bring and distribute samples – e.g. sweets, chocolate, cookies, nuts, chips or other specialties.
Please note that as an exhibitor, you are obliged to comply with applicable Danish food legislation. Food that has been produced in advance should be kept refrigerated and if this is not possible, discard it after 3 hours. Similarly, it is your duty as an exhibitor to ensure proper disposal of any waste.

Serving of beverages:
Serving of beverages, including juices/barista on the stand is permitted provided that biodegradable tableware is used. Each item dispensed must not exceed 2.0 dl. In addition, it is your duty as an exhibitor to comply with hygiene requirements and ensure proper disposal of any waste.
If you wish to serve beer, spirits, wine and other alcoholic beverages, this may only be done by agreement with Restaurant AKKC by MEST, which has the liquor license for the entire exhibition area. Upon approval, your business will fall under the Restaurant AKKC by MEST’s liquor license.
Serving drinks over 2.0 dl. including soft drinks and bottled water will incur a tax in the form of a corkage fee, except for water in packaging with the company’s logo.


Accommodation can either be booked directly with one of Aalborg’s many hotels or through our partner Destination Nord:

Book hotel

PA messages

To avoid disruptive loudspeaker announcements, individual activities at the stand cannot be announced.

Events organized by AKKC will be advertised on a limited basis.

Cash withdrawal

Contact the Organizer’s Office (Hall D).

Danish kroner (DKK) can be withdrawn

Copying and printing

Contact the Organizer’s Office (Hall D).

  • A4 black/white = DKK 1 per item incl. VAT
  • A4 color = DKK 3 per item incl. VAT.

In addition to copying, you can print from a USB stick or email. Please provide your email address on request.

Installation on floor

Contact the Organizer’s Office (Hall D).

Carpet – when installing your own carpet, only the organizer’s double-sided adhesive carpet tape may be used: DKK 250 per roll excl.

Tiles – concrete tiles and similar must not be installed directly on the hall floor. Must be supported by heavy-duty plastic or fiber cloth.

Heavy objects, such as a motor with concentrated pressure, should be placed on solid planks or pieces of wood that distribute the pressure over a larger surface area.

If the exhibitor causes damage to the floor, the exhibitor is liable for this.

Meeting room

Want to hold a meeting during DanFish?

We offer rooms in many different sizes – all nice and bright with high ceilings and, of course, modern audiovisual equipment.

For more information please contact Else Herfort tel. +45 9935 5518 /

Build height

AKKC must be informed and approve if the construction height of stands exceeds 250 cm. This is out of consideration for the other exhibitors.

Hanging on stand walls

Contact the Organizer’s Office (Hall D).

Hooks – for hanging lighter items, for mounting on top of walls and friezes.

It’s FREE to borrow hooks in different lengths: 5 cm, 25 cm, 50 cm and 75 cm. However, non-returned hooks will be charged DKK 25 per item excluding VAT.

Poster Strips – for hanging posters and other lightweight materials directly on the white stand and frieze boards: DKK 4 per piece incl. VAT.

If other adhesive materials are used, they must be removed without leaving marks/adhesive residue. The cost of cleaning after using other adhesive materials is charged to the exhibitor – minimum 1 hour at DKK 690 excl.

Nails and scre ws – it is not permitted to use nails and screws in stand plates and sign friezes.

A damaged stand plate/sign frieze will be invoiced at DKK 395 per item excluding VAT.

Stand system

Stand system: System Standex®: Cobra Expo

Plate dimensions: Gross dimensions of the plates.

Light dimensions: The open dimensions of the stand. For example, the light measurement of the plates indicates the area that can be used for printing.

Free standing walls / friezes – white
Material: HDF (hardboard)
Plate thickness: 4 mm

Coffers / profiles (horizontal)
Material: Aluminum
Grooves in frame/profiles: 0.8 cm
Height 5 cm / Width 1.6 cm

Columns / posts (vertical)
Material: Aluminum
Grooves in columns / posts: 0.8 cm
Diameter: 4.4 cm


There will be a night shift outside opening hours during the trade fair period and an alarm will also be connected.

The organizer does not assume the task of special security of individual stands and can never be held responsible for the exhibited items.

Theft must be reported to the organizer and reported to your own insurance company. Fortunately, we rarely experience theft.

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