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Weihai Xinghaiyuan Fishing & Netting Tackle Co., Ltd. , founded in 2001, is specialized in manufacturing of netting.   We have exported to many countries such as Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Our products are as follows:

* Fishing Equipments: Fishing net, Casting net, Fishing Creel, fishing coop, Rope, Twine and Monofilament, Float,

* Aquaculture Equipments: Net cage, Lantern net, Pearl net, Nylon raschel net,

* Agricultural Nets: Bird netting, Cucumber net, Wind netting, Boar net, Snow net, Sand net, Weed net, anti-animal net, Pigeon Net, Crow Net,

* Packaging & Transportation: Pallet, Onion bag, Protective Sleeves, Plastic Crate,

* Safety Net

Our products are characterized with rich varieties and fine quality.It can manufacture and supply according to requirements of customers.It will serve customers with reasonable price,good product and delivery on time to meet the needs of customers.

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