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POLARPLAS is a brand synonymous with quality worldwide, produced by the leading global plastic converting and moulding company, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in rotational moulding. The company established in 1996 as a green field project from Iceland went through different transformations and structural changes in its 26+ years of existence and is now reincarnated into POLARPLAS.

We carry a wide range of rotationally moulded proprietary products in triple, double and single walls, such as fish tubs, bins, totes, ice box etc. used for in-house processing, preserving, storage, transportation, and cold chain application. The products are available with PUR or PE injected insulation giving higher isothermal properties and mechanical strength to the products respectively.

POLARPLAS products are also available in rotationally moulded hygiene pallets, active and passive plastic body refrigeration freezers and chillers, custom moulded products and injection moulded industrial crates.

Our products are made with the best in knowledge of product design, innovation, productivity, and quality performances at the manufacturing level to the customer’s place and beyond. In-house knowledge and experience in mould design and development give an added edge over the competition. For more details on the product, service, and offerings, please visit us @

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