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When choosing the right boat rope, the manner in which it will be used is crucial. Each rope is designed for a different application, whether it is mooring a boat, fishing or working on the open sea. Lanex a.s. produces ropes for Mooring, Towing and hauling boats, Winches, Fishing and Offshore.

Although working with wire ropes is very demanding and often dangerous, their use is still common in the marine industry. In contrast, textile ropes stand out for their strength and at the same time flexibility, durability and low weight. They are easier to use and above all safer. HMPE marine rope, which is made of innovative high-strength textile material, can fully replace steel rope, making the work easier and reducing the risk of damage to both health and property.

To ensure maximum performance, it is necessary to chose the rope according to its use. Whether it is rope for anchoring, winching, towing a boat or for fishing, each use has different requirements. Rope life is affected not only by the material used in manufacture, but also by the operating temperature, exposure to chemicals and UV radiation, proper handling and storage. If the rope is used in environments where more static electricity is generated, it can be treated with an anti-static coating. The basic material for manufacturing ship ropes is produced on our own extrusion lines and testing is carried out in the LANEX test centre. The quality of the ropes is thus fully under our control.

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